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Updated for 2023 tax year on Jan 01, 2023

What was updated? 2023 federal FICA, income tax rates & standard deduction

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Tennessee state income tax

Tennessee has a population of over 6.8 million (2019) and is known for, in no particular order, hot chicken, country music, whiskey and barbecue. The median household income is $51,340 (2017).

Brief summary:

  • zero state-level income tax rate
  • no state-level payroll tax
  • no standard deductions and exemptions
  • only needs to pay federal income tax
Tennessee United States

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Tennessee tax year starts from July 01 the year before to June 30 the current year. So the tax year 2022 will start from July 01 2021 to June 30 2022.

State payroll tax

There is no state-level payroll tax.

State income tax brackets

No need to pay any state-level income tax.

State standard deduction

Since there is no income tax, there is no need for standard deductions.

State exemptions

Since there is no income tax, there is no need for exemptions.


What taxes do Tennessean pay?

Zero state-level income tax. Tennessee is one of the few states without income tax. Nice!

How much do you make after taxes in Tennessee?

A single filer with an annual wage of $52,000 will take home $43,541.50.
The take home pay is $87,083 for a married couple with a combined annual income of $104,000.

How much taxes are deducted from a $52,000 paycheck in Tennessee?

The total taxes deducted for a single filer are $704.88 monthly or $325.33 bi-weekly.