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Updated for 2023 tax year on Jan 01, 2023

What was updated? 2023 federal FICA, income tax rates & standard deduction
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New Hampshire income tax calculation

As the nickname ‘Granite State’ suggests, you can find extensive granite formations in New Hampshire. Its economy is quite diversed with financial and professional services, real estate and education leading the way. The state’s median household income is $88,841 (2021), one of the highest in the country.

Brief summary of dvfcsdfd state income tax:

  • income tax applies to income from interest and dividends only
  • if you earn normal wage, there is no income tax
  • no state payroll tax
  • no state-level standard deduction
  • can claim state-level exemptions
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State payroll tax

There is no state-level payroll tax.

State income tax brackets

New Hampshire does tax income from interest and dividends, however. The Interest and Dividends Tax is a flat rate of 5%. The standard exemption for that tax is $2,400 for Single and $4,800 for married persons filing jointly, so taxpayers with income from interest and dividends below that amount do not have to pay any taxes. Additional exemptions of $1,200 are available to residents who are either 65 years or older, blind or disabled and unable to work.

Taxpayers with income from interest and dividends above their total exemption will pay taxes only on the amount that exceeds the exemption. Say, for example, a single filer earns $6,000 in interest annually. They would pay $180 in taxes, because the 5% tax only applies to the $3,600 above their exemption.

State standard deduction

There is no state-level standard deductions.

State exemptions

There is state-level exemptions for all type of filers.

Tax year Filing status Personal exemption amount
Married, Filing Separately
Head of Household
Married, Filing Jointly or Widow(er) $4,800


How do I calculate my New Hampshire income tax?

If you earn a regular wage, it is all income tax free.

How much is $74000 a year after taxes in New Hampshire?

It will be $59,291 for a single New Hampshirite after deducting a income tax of $14,709.